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How Ad-hoc reporting can minimize IT dependency?

Business intelligence software is highly capable of including ad-hoc reporting functionality. Its main aim is to get the additional information in the reports in order to make the better decisions for the business growth. BI solution set up by the technical users is connected to the different sources of data. Security parameters are then established to find out what kind of objects or data you want to view by the end-users. From all these aspects, the actual reports are created.


The main benefit of Ad-hoc reporting is that these reports can be built and shared by non-technical end-users. No need to worry if you are not a BI developer or you do not have any such developer in your IT team. Anyone with zero or minimal experience of using business intelligence software can create these reports. It is the one reason that most of the businesses are using Ad-hoc reports models. It has been proved that businesses with BI are taking numerous benefits of such highly effective business decision-making solution.


This way companies with small IT team get rid of hiring an expert for building the number of reports based on the historical and current business data. In simple words, we can also say that it helps in minimizing the IT dependency when all essential reports for different functions and purposes are created in an automated manner.


These reports are used to answer any kind of business queries related to information, sales, profits, growth etc. of the business & its end-products without requesting anything from IT individuals. They are in the form of one-page data table or in the interactive tabular reports with highly visualized features. Thus makes it easier for the users to get their desired reports based on their requirements. So, any critical information can be approached within no time.


Designing a report by their own without any help of IT is really a great experience for the business intelligence software users. Now, no need to wait for IT report developer to create the desired reports. You are free to make them anytime when you need the information. It means you can get the information when it requires for answering the critical queries. Thus, helps you to have timely decision making.


Web-based Ad-hoc reporting does not require installing any application or knowledge of any program for business logic or SQL queries. Thus, gives an easy-to-use and robust reporting solution with zero or minimal assistance. Just take a step towards maximizing the business performance that leads to higher profits.

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