Big data market expected to reach $61 B in 2020. Is your organization ready to implement BI?

Businesses today need automation to make processes faster and to stay ahead in the competition. Report generation and scheduling can save a lot of time of employees and can increase productivity of employees. CEOs can concentrate more on business.  Analytics provide better insights to CEOs/managers to take better decisions based on data rather than own beliefs.


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According to a recent study, big data market is going to reach $61 Billion by 2020.

How much do companies spend on Big Data?
Spending On Bigdata

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Industries are spending huge amount of money for implementing Big data and Analytics.

Why do companies spend huge money on Big Data and Analytics?

  • Companies can have better financial performance.
  • CEOs/Managers can take better decisions.
  • Companies can achieve better operational efficiency
  • Companies can reduce costs.
  • Companies can get better ROI for investment in Big data and Analytics.

In coming years, Business Intelligence and Big data will play a big role in deciding success or failure of any organization. Demand for, Business Intelligence solution will increase and thus, will create new employment opportunities, increasing growth of many countries.

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