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Criteria for selection of a Business Intelligence Solution

Today, demand for business intelligence solutions has increased a lot by decision makers to take informed decisions. Organizations need to adopt changes to implement Business Intelligence solutions. Business intelligence solutions provide business users meaningful information at the time it is required.

Following are the criteria that any organization should consider before selecting any business intelligence solution.

Ad hoc Reporting, Scheduling

Reports are generated in various departments of any organization on daily basis. Business intelligence solution should provide ad hoc reporting, so that business users can create reports on the fly.   Scheduling reports allows users to get reports generated based on their requirements and save their time.


Business intelligence solution should provide Analytics to gain insights into data by analyzing data from different dimensions. Using analytics, decision makers/managers can quickly discover meaningful information from their data, which was earlier unknown or hidden.


Most important feature in any business intelligence solution is Dashboard. Dashboard contains all visualizations in form of charts, maps present at one place providing managers consolidated findings that will help them in decision making. Dashboard should have drill down, drag and drop, filter functionalities, Charts and Maps.

Embedded BI

Business intelligence solution should provide facility to integrate dashboard, analytics in client website. By logging to the account business user should be able to access analytics or reports for which they are allowed access.

Self Service BI

Self Service BI allows decision makers/managers to develop analytics, dashboard without much depending on IT developers.

Sharing And Security

After creating the report, business intelligence solution should allow user to share their reports to other authorized users. Also, security must be there, ensuring that only authorized users can get access to reports or any other elements.

Dynamic Messaging

Communication is an effective way using which users can approve or disapprove/change reports. Dynamic messaging allows users to discuss with each other and take better decisions.

Backup User

Unavailability of any manager/user must not become hurdle for business operations. Backup user facility allows authorities to assign user as backup user that will work in absence of any manager/authority.


Today, many vendors are providing business intelligence solutions. But higher cost makes business intelligence solution implementation difficult for small organizations. However, there are few affordable business intelligence solutions providing all necessary features to help your organization achieve their goal and will fit in their budget.