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Business Intelligence and Security

Businesses today face many challenges and to overcome them, a business intelligence solution (BI Solution) is much needed by organizations.  A BI solution can help CEOs and managers make informed decisions at the time when needed, which leads to organization growth and reduces costs.  Due to increased demand many BI solution providers exist today in BI industry.  While selecting a BI solution provider and implementing it in the organization decision makers must be concerned about security of data.  Sensitive data of the organization must not reach to any unauthorized user.

Why do Businesses prefer AIS over other BI Solutions?

Active Intelligence is a fully featured, cost effective BI solution. It allows business users to quickly create professional reports, dashboards and analytics without a massive dependency on technology teams. AIS means that you, the user can have access to the right data at the right time, all the time.


One of the greatest benefits of AIS is its ability to keep your data secure with its multi-level security making it the right solution for applications such as banking, sales and accounting. AIS Security is second to none.

How does multi-level security work?

The AIS Administrators assign or revoke roles and privileges to individual users or user groups (role) through a simple GUI interface. Role based security makes the work of administrator easier.  Instead of assigning privileges to individual users of the same group for example, sales managers, AIS Administrators can provide security to group-sales manager role.


To give users a seamless experience, AIS security can also be externalised to facilitate Active Directory or any other LDAP connection, including Single Sign On (SSO).

Who has Access to Resources?

Resources (i.e. dashboards, analytics, datasets etc.) are only available to the authentic AIS user that created it. They can share the resources to others.


A resource can be set as private, public and internal.  When a resource is set as private only the owner can access it.  When a resource is set as public, it can be accessed by external (i.e. dashboards, analytics, datasets etc.)entities also.


Internal means only team members within the organization can access the resource, external entities/users cannot access it.

Who can share a resource?

Only the owner of the resource can also share it with other users.  For example, a Sales Director can share a performance with Regional Sales Managers. The data can be secured such that while the Sales Director can see every region’s performance, the individual regional manager will only be able to access his/her data.

AIS Approval Workflow

As a manager, you may want to double check data before it is sent out to your customers. Active Intelligence has a built in Approval Workflow which means that a generated report will only be emailed to the end client when you have viewed and approved the report. This gives you the peace of mind that only the right data is sent out.


Backup User

If an approver is not available to approve reports, they can assign a Backup User to perform this function in their absence, this ensures business continuity.

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